Saturday, May 26, 2012

      “Penn Mizhikaliloode” Reformation
Looking back all the reformation debate going on in and around, the Sanghom decided to look from a woman’s perspective. Thus we read the novel “Berza” of Dr. Khadeeja Mumtas and organized a programme on 27th November 2011 at Believers Youth Centre, Thiruvalla. The book was read in different perspective by Ms Omana Mathew (Feminist Scholer), Mr K M Thomas (Development Consultant) Mr. Amrutharaj (Editor, DC Books) and Prof.  Mammen George (Thinker). Then Dr Khadeeja Mumtas responded to the presentations. A dynamic spirituality which involve in our day to day lives of the family, society and the Religion was demanded by the women which can transform the life and witness of the church and society was discussed.

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