Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

International Women’s day Celebration
TSCS were able to celebrate the International Women’s day on 8th March at Pennamma Bhavanam. Sarah Joseph, the eminent writer and orator, did the Main talk on ‘Women, Identity and Resistances’. In her speech Sarah Joseph demanded that the Women, Dalits and Adivasis should get their birth right not the reservation. They should not sit silent but involve creatively and dynamically, otherwise the patriarchal forces will get strengthen and they will continue to subjugate the marginalized sections of the society. She urged that the women should understand their inner strength as change makers and should work as a catalyst for a just society. Mrs. Sajini Pavithran, short story writer inaugurated the session. Dr. Varghese George responded to the talk. Mr. Philip George chaired the session. There are persons from different movements like Chengara Land Struggle and Aaranmula Samara Samithy participated which really enriched the programme. 55 people participated.

      “Penn Mizhikaliloode” Reformation
Looking back all the reformation debate going on in and around, the Sanghom decided to look from a woman’s perspective. Thus we read the novel “Berza” of Dr. Khadeeja Mumtas and organized a programme on 27th November 2011 at Believers Youth Centre, Thiruvalla. The book was read in different perspective by Ms Omana Mathew (Feminist Scholer), Mr K M Thomas (Development Consultant) Mr. Amrutharaj (Editor, DC Books) and Prof.  Mammen George (Thinker). Then Dr Khadeeja Mumtas responded to the presentations. A dynamic spirituality which involve in our day to day lives of the family, society and the Religion was demanded by the women which can transform the life and witness of the church and society was discussed.
Workshop on Eco-sensitivity

Genitcally Modified Crops and its effect on Nature was done on 19th November 2011 at Believers Youth Centre, Thiruvalla. Mr. Sreedhar and Ms P S Usha from ‘Thanal’ Thruvananthapuram were the facilitators of the programme.  The history of agricultural experiments in India was discussed in details, so that the complexity of the issue could be more understandable. The process of GM Crops and the danger in which when it exposed in the nature in an open area was discussed clearly and the threat was identified. About 50 people were participated.


 Contemporary reading of MM Thomas

 A Book reading experience was done at Pennamma Bhavanam on 4th October 2011 about “Aadujeevitham” by Benyamin. The main presentation was done by Mr. K M Thomas and he tried to derive its spirituality through Christian spirituality. There was big debate about the book and its content. About 15 people participated for the programme.
Workshop on Gender Sensitization
A Workshop was organized on Gender Sensitization in association with the NSS Unit of Christian College Chengannur on 1st October 2011. Ms. Ragi K R and Ms Ashi Sara Oommen were the facilitators.
               The concept ‘patriarchy’ and its socialization process, the expressions of patriarchy and issues of women in the society are dealt with. The students made a creative chart paper presentation about selected issues of women in the society. About 150 students participated. The discourse had been effective and interactive.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dharna Against Price Hiking

A Dharna against the phenomenon of price hiking was organized jointly with Dynamic Action on September 24th 2011 at Thiruvalla (Opposite of Transport Bus Stand).

The socio-economic and political nexus which contributed to the price hiking was discussed. The arrogance of the corporate and markets over governments and people of the land was highly condemned. The understanding of price hiking phenomenon as nothing but robbing or snatching away from the poor people’s pocket was explained. A Booklet on ‘Prathirodhangalude puthiya Sabdangal’ was produced and distributed during the Dharna. A Signature campaign was also done from the public.