Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Research Scholars' Collective

Lecture by Rev. Mothy Varkey
followed by discussion
2.30 pm, 01 November 2008 at Pennammabhavanam

We have begun a Scholars' Collective at Pennamma Bhavanam to study social theory and theology in a more serious manner. Any person who is interested in social theory and theology is invited to join the group. We are planning to organise classes and discussions on various topics on a regular basis. Interested participants will be provided with research guides to work on a topic of their interest. The participants are supposed to write a research paper of 20 to 30 pages length at the end of the first six months, and the papers will be published as a book. All of you are invited to join the collective. The class on "SITUATING THE BODY" by Rev. Mothy awas the first in the lecture series. In his lecture he discussed the advent of the body as a strong theoretical concept and category in Social theory and theology.
Please see the photographs below:
Rev Mothy Varkey
Sri M.D. Thomas introducing the Book Series of the Subject and Language Press

The Audience

Suku Sir making a point (below)
Sri Biju Lal

Discussion that continues....

Bible study : Tuesday 07 October 2008

sri yacob thomas

two-day workshop for teenagers at perumbavoor organised by Pennammabhavanam in association with the Guardian Angel Society, Vengola, Perumbavoor

Understand Ourselves to Grow in Faith
body sculpturethe concluding worship
Dr. Renjan Roy Mathew
Parents of the participants
group activity
group activity
morning prayer: Gabriel Rampan
what is Spirituality?: Rev. Fr. Aby Varkey
Eco-theatre: T.M. Satyan
Gabriel Rampachen with the participants