Thursday, August 6, 2009

next programme: seminar series on the question of IDENTITY

“An Introduction to the Question of Identity”

Paper presentation by

Mr. K. K. Baburaj
(Eminent thinker & dalit activist)

Date: 2 pm, Saturday, 15 August 2009
Venue: Pennamma Bhavanam (Amalloor Road, Manjadi, Tiruvalla)

The question of identity is a continuing debate in social theory and in the realm of political activism. The subaltern groups have been raising this question for the last two decades. The identity politics raised by the marginalised groups, especially the dalits in India, affirmed their standpoint as the politics of difference against the claims of modernity that a universal, homogenous common identity is possible. It was pointed out that the universality of a human identity presupposes the white male european identity which obliterates the possibilities for other identities and world views. However, a criticism raised against the identity politics (from different vantagepoints) is that it is sectarian and essentialist. The paper will present the history of the identity politics, divulging out the richness and diversity of the debate.

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