Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Discussion based on the Book 'prapanchakkazhchakal" by Dr Moncy V. John

Science and Society: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives
Book Review Forum

Discussion on modern science based on the book, Prapanchakkazhchakal, authored by Dr Moncy V. John (Dept. of Physics, St Thomas College, Kozhencherry).
2.30 pm, Saturday, 14 February 2009,
at Pennamma Bhavanam
The Book, Prapanchakkazhchakal (2008, DC Books, Kottayam, pp.138, Rs. 70.00)discusses the history of and contemporary debates in Astronomy. The book also deals with the philosophy and sociology of modern science and introduces the poststructuralist/post-foundationalist trends in science studies. The book seems to be the first of its kind in Malayalam that introduces the sociology of scientific knowledge, the post-Kuhnian revolution in understanding the complex relationship between science and society.

The discussion attempted to situate modern science in sociological context and its philosophical moorings were explored. The forum raised the need to develop a theological understanding of modern science and technology. Social scientists, Theologians and Scientists participated in the discussion.

On the Dias: Dr Moncy V. John, Prof. Philip N. Thomas (moderator), Shiju Sam Varughese

Dr. Moncy V. John (Author)

Shiju Sam Varughese presenting the book review. In his talk he situated the book as a turning point in the history of popular science writing in Kerala and discussed the possibilities and limitations of the Kuhnian framework adopted by the author.

Dr Moncy V. John responds to the paper presented by Shiju

The audience

Prof. Rachel Mathew (CMS College, Kottayam) participating in the discussion

Rev Sam Koshy and Mr. Mathew Philip

The Discussion followed by the presentations raised many serious questions regarding the relationship between modern science and society. The question of science and religion/spirituality also was discussed in detail.
The forum decided to continue the discussions on science and society in future also.

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