Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Please Support Pennamma Bhavanam

Dear friend,
Greetings from Pennamma Bhavanam!
Pennamma Bhavanam, as you know, is a space that Dr. M.M. Thomas nurtured through his public witness in church and society. Ever since he left us in 1996, we have been trying in a modest way to keep this space a mother home for liberative faith, politics and praxis. This journey has never been smooth and easy.
The get-together of the friends of Pennamma Bhavanam which met in May 2008 collectively resolved to revitalise the Pennamma Bhavanam so that it will become a space that enables and empowers new generations to see new dreams and become new identities to engage in public witness. We have already initiated new programmes to translate this vision under the leadership of two full-time coordinators. The brochure which is enclosed herewith will give you more clarity about this vision. The interest from the endowment fund is just sufficient for the maintenance of the building. We need another 400,000.00 rupees to meet the programme expenses of the current year.
We have confidence in friends like you who are committed to the endeavour. Therefore, we request you to offer financial support to the centre. We expect you to take the commitment of supporting the centre for the coming three years. The cheques and drafts should show the Tiruvalla Ecumenical Charitable Trust as the payee and be sent to Pennamma Bhavanam. Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Rev. M.J. Joseph Dr. Varghese George Jomon Cheriyan James
T.M. Satyan Shiju Sam Varughese

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